Team # 695 -- Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program Enhancements
Undergraduate Education

August 2005


Update and enhance tools used with the 890 Alumni Admissions Volunteers including publications, resource materials, training sessions, and web site.

1) Resource materials for the Alumni Volunteer training notebooks were rewritten, graphically designed, printed through Multi-Media Print Services, and mailed to all 890 volunteers.
2) Academic College resource materials were rewritten, printed, and distributed.
3) A new handout on recruiting the "Millenial Generation" was created.
4) An on-campus Alumni Kickoff/Training was added before the first home football game; this idea was so successful it will be repeated in the future.
5) 109 Alumni Volunteers completed a survey about the program's web site. Responses are being used to guide the design of a new web site.

Team Membership

  • David Kuskowski, Sponsor
  • Elaine Barsness, Member
  • Karen Butler, Member
  • David Gildea, Member
  • Amanda Modar, Member
  • Anne Petersen, Member
  • Cathy Schwab, Member
  • Jennifer Snare, Member
  • Michael Stumbers, Member

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