Team # 707 -- OPP Key Control Team
Finance and Business

February 2006


Review current OPP process and practices and determine best practices that ensure accurate record keeping, issuance, use, and return of keys.

Team Membership

  • Phillip Melnick, Sponsor
  • Paul Politza, Leader
  • Kevin Bryerton, Member
  • Sam Diehl, Member
  • Harry Evans, Member
  • Lynette Goodrow, Member
  • Lisa Millinder, Member
  • Gary Powers, Member
  • Mike Tepsic, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The following are actions that have been completed by the OPP Key Control Team:
    A key custodian for OPP has been identified with the development of the ACES manager position. A flow chart has been developed for the approval process for all areas of OPP and changes developed for TS evaluations; also, the key request form has been revised. Guidelines have been developed for temporary keys for permanent and wage payroll employees and the employee orientation packet has been reviewed with a new section added. The team is continuing to progress in its work.

    August 19, 2008




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