Team # 723 -- Service to Adult Learners Through Enhanced Registration Processes
Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses / Outreach / Undergraduate Education

December 2006


In Spring 2005, Penn State announced a reorganization of the commonwealth campuses. One of the major points included in this reorganization was to improve the unity of practice among all of our campuses. Specifically, one of the major strategic priorities was to advance the work of CE in attracting more adults to credit courses and programs in collaboration with the academic leadership of each campus. We strive to act as one University to all of our students at all of our campuses.

Team Membership

  • Bill Curley, Co-Chair
  • Karen Duncan, Co-Chair
  • Rebecca Beatty, Member
  • Jeanne Hunter, Member
  • Karen Karnes, Member
  • Maggie McNulty, Member
  • Frank Miller, Member
  • Jan Orris, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    • Consistency of scheduling regarding all courses offered on-campus. The specific offering of resident instruction or continuing education courses is an administrative issue and should be transparent to our students.

    • Prominent and consistent use of the Web Schedule of Courses for all University offered courses.

    • Standard nomenclature and coding practices of all course offerings.

    • Consistency with established student registration practices.

    • Adoption of procedures that will result in simple and straightforward information to all students and advisers.

    • Maintaining necessary data for budgetary issues. Includes implementation of a student focused public process not determined by PSU budget reporting requirements.




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