Team # 727 -- Judicial Affairs Sanctioning Review Team
Student Affairs

September 2006


• Review and evaluate the process for determining discipline sanctions for violations of the student Code of
• Review and evaluate the types of sanctions applied for violations of the student Code of Conduct.
• Review and evaluate the sanction ranges for types of student Code of Conduct violations within minor,
moderate and major violation categories at the University.

Team Membership

  • Vicky Triponey, Sponsor
  • Joe Puzycki, Facilitator
  • Katelyn BeVard, Member
  • Jay Burlingame, Member
  • Andrea Dowhower, Member
  • Dick Justice, Member
  • Jerry Livingston, Member
  • Eric Patridge, Member
  • Jamie Perry, Member
  • Mark Rameker, Member
  • Krista Ziegler, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • By February 28, 2007 the SRT team will forward a final report to the vice president of student affairs and the associate vice president for student engagement.




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