Team # 745 -- Webcasting Team
College of Communications / Information Technology Services (ITS) / College of the Liberal Arts / Outreach

September 2006


Webcasting coverage of Homecoming and the Thon.

Team Membership

  • Dave Beyerle, Member
  • Maria Cabrera-Baukus, Member
  • Duane Champion, Member
  • Chris Hubing, Member
  • Chris Maurer, Member
  • Karen Mozley-Bryan, Member
  • Don Rhoades, Member
  • Kerry Trout, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The project team planned to achieve Webcasting of the Thon on campus cable and the Internet. It was successful. Next year, the team plans to improve the student training process and improve communications with Thon organizers to get enough passes to handle change overs and breaks. The team plans to improve recruiting of student volunteers. The team plans to improve meal service for student volunteers. 2/23/07




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