Team # 746 -- Services Transition Team
University Libraries

December 2005


To study the impact on the delivery of public and technical services due to the integration of Hershey, Dickinson, and Harrisburg into the University Libraries, and to develop recommendations for optimal services.

Team Membership

  • Gregory Crawford, Leader
  • Lisa German, Member
  • Virginia Lingle, Member
  • Rebecca Mugridge-MacIntosh, Member
  • Laurie Probst, Member
  • Judy Swarthout, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: One of the tangible results of the team was the formation of the Bibliographic Services Council which is charged with considering matters of policy and management related to the intellectual access of library materials through the online catalog (the CAT) or other search and retrieval interfaces. The Council will develop and document policy that adheres to national standards while also addressing local needs. 2/23/07
  • The greatest outcome of the team is the integration of the work of the Penn State Harrisburg Technical Services Department within the University Libraries Technical Services operation. This has included the combining of the budgets for the purchasing of materials and the consolidation of monographic purchasing with a single major vendor, resulting in a better discount from the vendor for the purchasing of books for the libraries. At University Park, several Libraries staff members have been relocated and/or assigned new duties as part of the restructuring of the Technical Services function. At Harrisburg, the technical services staff are now being able to take on different work and one person has been reassigned into another role within public services. Although other recommendations of the Taskforce were not implemented directly as envisioned, the intent has been exercised through other means, especially in the beginnings of a closer cooperation within the various public service units of the UL, including annual meetings devoted to reference and/or instruction and a broadening of the responsibilities for collection development.

    October 2008




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