Team # 754 -- OPP LEED Team
Finance and Business

February 2007


Identify the LEED points of highest value to the university and its strategic environmental initiative.

Team Membership

  • Steve Maruszewski, Sponsor
  • Dave Zehngut, Leader
  • Rick Dills, Member
  • Bill Dreibelbis, Member
  • Andy Ellenberger, Member
  • Ed Gannon, Member
  • John Gaudlip, Member
  • Tim Heltman, Member
  • Doug Holmes, Member
  • Tom Houck, Member
  • Glenn Lelko, Member
  • Brian Phiel, Member
  • Mike Prinkey, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The LEED Team developed a policy identifying the University's priorities regarding sustainable design aspects to be incorporated in our projects. This policy has been documented and integrated with our Design Standards and is now part of our project requirements.

    The team has been kept in place and will meet from time to time to evaluate results gathered from projects as they are completed.

    August 21, 2008




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