Team # 755 -- Enrollment Management Team
Penn State Schuylkill

February 2007


This group's focus is ongoing monitoring of enrollment management, prospect management, and enrollment growth.

Team Membership

  • Tammie Durham, Co-Chair
  • Keith Hillkirk, Co-Chair
  • Shannon Del Conte, Member
  • David Holden, Member
  • Cheryl Holland, Member
  • Steve Littell, Member
  • Elyce Lykins, Member
  • Matthew Swatchick, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Since the inception of the Enrollment Management Team which meets weekly,the campus has seen a continuing increase in enrollment. In Fall 2007, headcount grew by 50 FTE's. Fall 2008 headcount of scheduled and/or registered students is up over 100 students as of early August, 2008.

    These increases are attributable to several new initiatives, several of which have been identified and developed by members of the EMT. These include increased visibility by the campus at recruitment events, additional and continuing contacts with student prospects, personnel changes, so it is difficult to measure the exact contribution of the EMT.

    August 20, 2008




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