Team # 759 -- Applied Research Lab Suggestion Box Contest Committee
Graduate School / Research

October 2005


The Suggestion Box Contest Committee, a sub-committee of the ARL Diversity Committee, was created to develop a method for collecting constructive ideas from laboratory employees in hopes of improving the laboratory climate, and the efficiency of its processes - resulting in a better work climate and the saving of time, materials, labor, and/or energy. An electronic Suggestion Box was added to the laboratory's Intranet site, and physical boxes were placed in seven of ARL's Buildings. Employee suggestions are reviewed on a quarterly basis, and the best suggestion received for each quarter wins a prize of $50. At the end of the year, two $250 prizes are awarded for the best two suggestions which were implemented in the Lab. The laboratory director presents the awards at quarterly Diversity Committee meetings. The awardees are featured in the ARL Signature Newsletter, and photos of the winners are posted on all ARL bulletin boards.

Team Membership

  • Edward Liszka, Benefactor
  • Eric Wagner, Chair
  • Debbie Brooks, Member
  • Dave Dreese, Member
  • Pat Hayes, Member
  • Greg Meyer, Member
  • Tammy Miller, Member
  • Alan Payne, Member
  • Randy Riesterer, Member
  • Qiana Jackson, Staff Support

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Expected Outcomes:
    A improved morale, improved climate, improved facilities, increased awareness of the Lab's responsiveness to create change, efficient processes and services, and cost savings to the Lab.

    Measures - employee participation in the contest, laboratory implementation of ideas, number of awards given, informal employee comments.

    For 2006, four winners won $50 prizes of their choice. At the end of the year, two of the four winners were chosen to receive an additional $250 for having their suggestion implementated within the Laboratory. Ex. 1) creation of a Salvage/Surplus Electronic Board to improve the inventory/salvage reduction instead of sending items directly to the PSU Salvage warehouse -improved cost savings. 2) Creation of a Human Resources "To Do" Check List for completion by new employees - a phase of the orientation process to familiarize employees with the Lab and its processes.




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