Team # 764 -- ERM Academic Program Review
College of Agricultural Sciences

November 2006


Review the current Environmental Resource Management curriculum, develop a vision for the program, and identify strategies to achieve the vision. These strategies should include the design of the curriculum, marketing, and faculty governance.

Team Membership

  • Jim Shortle, Sponsor
  • Rob Shannon, Leader
  • Dennis Decoteau, Member
  • Herschel Elliott, Member
  • Paola Ferreri, Member
  • Clare Hinrichs, Member
  • Tracy Hoover, Member
  • Jason Kaye, Member
  • Judd Michael, Member
  • Dave Mortensen, Member
  • Rich Stedman, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The team met over most of 2007 to review the ERM program, and the short term outcome was a final report to the deans group that provided a mission and vision statement for the program, as well as specific goals and strategies to improve the program. Over the course of team meetings, the team made use of student and faculty panels and alumni surveys to gather stakeholder input.

    One of the important goals addressed by the team was to identify and obtain more centralized space for staff and students in the ERM program. The deans recognized this need and recently have provided a renovated suite of offices for ERM staff and better facilities for students in a more visible location.

    August 21, 2008




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