Team # 779 -- HR Process Improvement Working Group
Eberly College of Science

February 2006


To identify and analyze HR processes that are problematic or are perceived to lead to inequities by staff, and to develop better approaches to these processes. We are also sharing more information across the college.

Team Membership

  • Karin Foley, Leader
  • Jayanth Banavar, Member
  • Bob Fantaske, Member
  • Nancy Johnson, Member
  • Cathy Lutz, Member
  • Bronnie McLaughlin, Member
  • Bobby Misher, Member
  • Susan Morse, Member
  • Rubina Nashine, Member
  • Theresa Peters, Member
  • Linda Pierce, Member
  • Lenny Pollack, Member
  • Larry Ramsey, Member
  • Mary Anne Raymond, Member
  • Christine Selders, Member
  • Anne Stover, Member
  • Beth Trimble, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: A general measure of progress will be staff job satisfaction across the college as measured by our climate survey. We are working on issues of staff grade equity and the closely related issue of workload. We are also planning to tackle improvements in the hiring processes, training, handling performance problems, the SRDP process, and communication across the college.




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