Team # 780 -- Eberly College of Science IT Working Group
Eberly College of Science

February 2008


The college of science has a 100% distributed structure for IT support for the college. The IT working group has started to meet approximately every month to discuss issues, create policy, and slowly develop a culture of collaboration among the IT practitioners in the college.

Team Membership

  • Karin Foley, Leader
  • Evelyn Bradley, Member
  • Jon Fine, Member
  • Joshua Fritsch, Member
  • Frank Kachurak, Member
  • Jeff Minelli, Member
  • Christopher Stahl, Member
  • Dave Straub, Member
  • Song Tan, Member
  • Andy Youstic, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Our main accomplishments to date are identifying the right group of individuals to bring together, developing a culture of collaboration and communication among that group, and creating a college policy on acceptable use of college networks and computer systems. Future work will focus on IPAS, further policy creation and communication, and identifying opportunities for collaboration and/or centralization where either policy or financial considerations make it logical. Our progress will be measured by the number of times individuals find benefit in working together across organizational lines.




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