Team # 782 -- Identity and Access Management Team
Information Technology Services (ITS)

April 2007


With the explosive growth in online interactions, it is imperative that Penn State's existing business systems, infrastructure, planning, and technologies evolve to keep pace with the access needs of the future. Recognizing the importance of developing a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy to deal with this issue, the IAM Initiative was formed by Kevin Morooney, Vice Provost for Information Technology, in April of 2007. The committee is comprised of 27 individuals who span many administrative areas at the University. Other staff served on sub-groups that worked on specific focus areas. The group is co-chaired by Renee Shuey, Information Technology Services (ITS) and Joel Weidner, Auxiliary and Business Services.

The group's primary charge was to create an Identity and Access Management road map (or strategy) for Penn State. A secondary goal was to establish a community of people and organizations from across the University who understand each other's pressures, needs, and desires for developing an IAM infrastructure that will support and enhance academic, research, business and collaborative processes.

Team Membership

  • Masume Assaf, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Jackie Babcock, Member, Levels of Assurance
  • Scott Bitner, Member, Levels of Assurance
  • Chris Brown, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Jeffrey Campbell, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Sean Costella, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Ken Forstmeier, Leader, Life Cycles & Affiliations sub-group
  • Lisa German, Member, Policy and Governance
  • John Gorman, Member, Policy and Governance
  • Gary Grgurich, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Tom Irwin, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Cindy Kellerman, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Steve Kellogg, Leader, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth sub-group
  • Kathy Kimball, Member, Policy and Governance
  • Linda Klimczyk, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • David Lindstrom, Leader, Risk Assessment sub-group
  • Deborah Meder, Leader, Governance & Policy sub-group
  • Marta Miguel, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations and LoA
  • Jerry Mihaly, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Frank Miller, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Tom Moore, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Greg Myford, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Donna Neideigh, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Janice Pearce, Member, Policy and Governance
  • Bob Quinn, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Karen Schultz, Member, Policy and Governance
  • Steve Selfe, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Cheryl Seybold, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations and LoA
  • Steve Shala, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Renee Shuey, Co-leader, Leader of Levels of Assurance sub-group
  • Jim Smith, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • Lorraina Snook, Member, Risk Assessment
  • Vince Timbers, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations and LoA
  • Neal Vines, Member, Vetting, Proofing, and Reg Auth
  • James Vuccolo, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Michelle Weaver, Member, Life Cycles & Affiliations
  • Matthew Weber, Member, Policy and Governance
  • Joel Weidner, Co-leader, Leader of Levels of Assurance sub-group
  • Steve Shelow, Member
  • Eric White, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The committee has drafted a report that includes strategic recommendations for moving forward with a comprehensive plan to better manage identity and access needs at Penn State. The report will be presented to Kevin Morooney on February 18. Next steps will include education of the University community and the formulation of an implementation strategy. More details on the committee’s work can be viewed on the web at




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