Team # 785 -- OPP Access Control and Electronic Security Programs Team
Finance and Business

August 2007


To develop unit organizational structure, job descriptions and PIQs for new positions, and define roles and responsibilities for the new unit and other University departments (e.g. TNS & Aux. Svc.) involved with access control and electronic security programs.

Team Membership

  • Phillip Melnick, Sponsor
  • Lloyd Rhoades, Leader
  • Allen Bonsell, Facilitator
  • Eric Bauman, Member
  • Scotty Eble, Member
  • Paul Politza, Member
  • Don Reed, Member
  • Tom Sowerby, Member
  • Joel Weidner, Member
  • Bill Welch, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Results from Lloyd Rhodes,7/1/09

    This team concluded its charter very quickly, ahead of the requested date. This was because of the dedication of the members, and a desire of all for success. The outcome of this team was a presentation to create a new business unit in OPP, with dotted line to University Police, that will oversee all electronic security/access control processes, in order to ratchet up the focus on safety and security of campus students, faculty and staff. The expectation is greatly enhanced safety, featuring a better specification for access control for campus buildings. Other benefits will be better satisfaction for the aforementioned campus population as a result of increased safety.

    The new business unit was initiated with the hiring of a manager (qualified as a Certified Security Professional), who started 4/1/08, and the formulation of his staff, and initiation of security assessments, specification reviews, etc.




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