Team # 797 -- Student Insurance Team
Student Affairs

September 2005


To improve the student insurance enrollment or declination process for graduate assistants and graduate fellows by placing the process online. This will allow direct access by the student, reducing the error rate and resources needed to process paper applications.

Team Membership

  • Karen Kline, Leader
  • Judy Bechman, Member
  • Colleen McKay, Member
  • Jennifer Welch, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The objective threshold for the issue are 99% accuracy of the data and error rate less than 5 percent. The latest data analysis in 2007 indicated a 98.9% accuracy.
  • Results from Karen Kline, 7/7/09

    This objective has been met with amazing accuracy. The Graduate Assistants and Graduate Fellows do not need to come to Student Health Insurance to complete paperwork for enrolling dependents or declining coverage every Fall semester. This has also allowed our office to eliminate the overtime associated with data entry that comes every August and September. It has also allowed the Graduate Assistants and Graduate Fellows to change or update data prior to the established deadlines. And the data is imported into the University Health Services system, eliminating the data entry time and data entry errors.

    This has been a benefit to the Graduate Assistants and Graduate Fellows, to the University Health Services staff, and to the UHS budget.




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