Team # 798 -- Pharmacy and Therapeutics Prescription Refills Team
Student Affairs

October 2007


To improve the process in order to eliminate the need to rewrite UHS 12 month prescriptions, i.e. contraceptives, filled at University Health Services (UHS) pharmacy each fall, when students have transferred a prescription off-campus over the summer but have not exhausted the refills on the prescription.

Team Membership

  • Nora Maginnis, Leader
  • Stefanie Dunk, Member
  • Chet Evans, Member
  • Jim Gill, Member
  • Bob Heinbach, Member
  • Kathy Petroff, Member
  • Diane Smith, Member
  • Curt Swagler, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The goal is to have the patient be able to get their prescription refills at the UHS pharmacy when they return in the fall without significant delay for the students and unnecessary work on the part of the pharmacist, clinician or nursing staff. The team is exploring strategies within the electronic health record at UHS that may allow 2 prescriptions to cover the time period or accessing the prescription through the health information management functions.
  • Results from Nora Maginnis 7/8/09:

    We have standardized a protocol so that female students can resume their contraceptive prescriptions when they return to University Park Campus. Previously, 12 month prescriptions were transferred out the student left for the summer. When the student returned to campus, there were often remaining months of refills. The student needed to call the health center and the prescriber needed to type out another prescription for each patient to cover the remaining period left. This took an enormous amount of time. The new protocol allows the pharmacy to access the original prescription and fill it for the patient. This saved time for both the student and the clinician. It improved customer service and removed a roadblock in maintaining contraceptive adherence.




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