Team # 802 -- Nursing Intake and Scheduling Process Team
Student Affairs

October 2007


To improve the efficiency of the processes of nursing intake and scheduling to enable each patient to be seen by their clinician at the time of the scheduled appointment.

3/2/09 update:
Objective: The purpose of the study is to improve efficiency and flow of patient intake to facilitate ontime clinician appointments. The objective is for patients who check-in on time to be ready for the clinician visit within 10 minutes.

Team Membership

  • Agatha Glusko, Leader
  • Elaine Hazi, Member
  • Kathy Petroff, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The team is evaluating time and location data from the electronic health record system to identify problem areas and will redesign and test workflows based on the results of the analysis.
  • 3/2/09 update:
    ExpectedResults: Remeasurement of improvements noted in Feb 2008 met the goal of 90%.
    In Fall 2008 after moving to a new facility with new clinical staffing models, the data showed a slight decline. The decrease could be associated with the new building work flow and orientation of new Student Clinical Volunteers who are directly involved with the intake process.




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