Team # 804 -- FTCAP Welcome Video Committee Team
Student Affairs / Undergraduate Education / University Relations

January 2008


To revise the welcome and introduction to FTCAP for University Park students and families. The revised welcome will be in the form of a video that will welcome students and families to FTCAP, provide a context for the rest of the day, and begin to get students thinking about their plans for a successful academic career here at Penn State.

Team Membership

  • Yvonne Gaudelius, Chair
  • Cyndee Graves, Member
  • Linda Higginson, Member
  • Shandol Hoover, Member
  • Clair Poletti, Member
  • Joe Puzycki, Member
  • Eric White, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The video will provide a consistent introduction to the PSU principles, the opportunities available through undergraduate research, public scholarship and civic engagement, student activities, clubs, other involvement, the importance of diversity in the Penn State community, and introduce campus and academic life. The project will be successful if the video is completed for use in Summer 2008 FTCAP.




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