Team # 809 -- Web Process Improvement Team

February 2008


To review workflow processes for web sites produced for Conferences and Institutes. We hope to streamline and document the process to reduce confusion and the number of hours spent creating these sites.

Team Membership

  • Herbert Reininger, Sponsor
  • Marie Young, Leader
  • Becky Barnard, Member
  • Pam Driftmier, Member
  • Joshua Ellis, Member
  • Mike Gallo, Member
  • Ritu Jayakar, Member
  • Greg Miller, Member
  • Brian Mizikar, Member
  • Debbie Novitsky, Member
  • Gail Strock, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: We hope to reduce total production time as well as staff "overtime" during peak periods. Timetracking data will be used as the metric. We also intend to create a workflow manual that can be easily understood by technical and nontechnical staff.




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