Team # 810 -- Born Digital Workflow Initiative Work Group
University Libraries

February 2007


Library subject specialists acquire born digital materials to meet the needs of their users. Just as we have workflows for electronic resources and for print resources, we also need some for items that are born digital such as pdfs, datafiles, etc. This workflow would be from selection and acquisitions to access and preservation.

Team Membership

  • Mike Furlough, Co-Sponsor
  • Lisa German, Co-Sponsor
  • Gary White, Co-Chair
  • Stephen Woods, Co-Chair
  • Sue Kellerman, Design Team Member
  • John Attig, Member
  • Joni Barnoff, Member
  • Mike Bender, Member
  • Jamie Jamison, Member
  • Linda Klimczyk, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The team issued a report which was approved by the Libraries and is now using this workflow.




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