Team # 812 -- Worthington Scranton Teaching, Learning and Technology Advisory Committee
Penn State Worthington Scranton

March 2004


To make recommendations to the chancellor for improving the overall climate of the campus teaching, learning and technology environments. From 2004-2007, the committee reviewed the campus learning spaces and made recommendations for improvement which are still being implemented across the campus. Currently, the committee is working on a project to improve professional development efforts on campus (selection of topics, delivery methods, attendence issues, etc.)

Team Membership

  • Marilee Mulvey, Co-Chair
  • Brenda Seery, Co-Chair
  • Fred Aebli, Member
  • Mary Lynn Brannon, Member
  • Ruth Gilpin, Member
  • Gene Grogan, Member
  • Michael Mahalik, Member
  • Jennifer Nace, Member
  • John O'Meara, Member
  • Debra Smarkusky, Member
  • Gayle Smith, Member
  • Ron Yevitz, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The Learning Spaces project made it clear that the campus was in need of group study spaces, places where students could work in groups on collaborative projects. As a result of this study, the campus has incorporated high quality group study rooms in the new Business building, currently under construction, as well as identified other area that can be used for this purpose throughout the campus. Progress was measured by the number of spaces that were identified, along with an implementation plan that includes other improvements to the campus environment. This plan is periodically reviewed by the committee to ensure that progress is being made.

    This year, we are looking to make recommendations that will help to improve our professional development efforts. The committee is currently developing a survey instrument to assess the attitudes regarding professional deveopment. Once the survey has been completed by faculty and staff, the committee will review the results and provide the chancellor with recommendations as to how our professional development programs could have improvement outcomes. At this point, the survey instrument is still in design. Progress will be measured by improved attendance and topic identification.

    Notes: The committee reports to the chancellor and provides recommendations after analysis of the current conditions. The chancellor responds to the recommendations and the committee follows-up with action items. The committee reports progress to the campus twice a year.

    The committee meets monthly and is one of the most active committees on campus.




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