Team # 816 -- Undergraduate Admission Online Acceptance Team
Finance and Business / Undergraduate Education

January 2007


The Undergraduate Admissions Office, the Office of the Bursar, and Housing and Food Services have collaborated to develop an online service allowing admitted students to accept their offers of admission and request housing. When accepting their offers, students are presented with the option to request housing only when housing is available. After completion of the transaction, the appropriate information is sent to ISIS for updating the student’s record. Information is also sent to the eLiving system to initiate the creation of a housing contract.

This service significantly improves the process of accepting offers and requesting housing for future Penn State students. The service also saves staff time allocated to data entry for these activities.

Team Membership

  • Anne Rohrbach, Sponsor
  • Scott Bitner, Member
  • Lynn DuBois, Member
  • Jennifer Garvin, Member
  • Randy Kramkowski, Member
  • Ryan Morgan, Member
  • Rick Ramsay, Member
  • Le Ann Rossman, Member
  • Carolyn Saona, Member
  • Marty Smith, Member
  • Ann Sprankle, Member
  • Vince Timbers, Member
  • Jeffrey Waters, Member

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