Team # 818 -- First Year Experience Team
Berks College

September 2006


To examine collectively the programs and services associated to improve the experience of new students at Penn State Berks. The First Year Experience Team (FYE) consists of staff, faculty, and students. This cross-functional team includes but is not limited to EOPC, Academic Advising, the Learning Center, the First Year Seminar, Admissions, Resident Life, Student Services, and Student Activities. FYE has been charged with identifying common campus goals and appropriate assessments to evaluate the realization of those goals.

Team Membership

  • Saundra Reichel, Chair
  • Martha Aynardi, Member
  • Yuriko Beaman, Member
  • Dan Brown, Member
  • Kelly Burr, Member
  • Mary Lou D'Allegro, Member
  • Jeff Fazio, Member
  • John Gallagher, Member
  • Cheryl Gustitus, Member
  • Stefanie Kerns, Member
  • Tami Mysliwiec, Member
  • Valerie Rowe, Member
  • Sue Rowley, Member
  • Jessica Simmons, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The purpose of determining common FYE goals is threefold. First, the campus has a clearer understanding of the first year experience. Second, the determination of appropriate assessments has been simplified. Third, FYE hopes that the results of the assessments will be used to improve programming and services to first year students. Ultimately, these improvements will abet student success, specifically the academic success of first year students.




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