Team # 823 -- Food Safety and Quality Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

January 2008


To concentrate on emerging program priorities including gaps and opportunities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education; in consumer health and wellness; food safety research, training, and certification for consumers, retailers, processors, and producers; and integration of food systems to address economics, safety, and food independence across local and global food systems.

Team Membership

  • John Coupland, Co-Chair
  • Bhushan Jayarao, Co-Chair
  • Gary Abdullah, Member
  • Marilyn Corbin, Member
  • Cathy Cutter, Member
  • Chobi DebRoy, Member
  • Ali Demirci, Member
  • Duff George, Member
  • Gretchen Kuldau, Member
  • Amechi Okereke, Member
  • Nancy Wiker, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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