Team # 824 -- Protection of Plant, Animal and Human Health Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

January 2008


To concentrate on emerging program priorities including gaps and opportunities in research, degree programs/courses, and extension education; and in environmental impacts on human health, infectious disease, and proactive and cost effective approaches to anticipate, isolate, and eradicate outbreaks, including potential bioterrorist threats affecting crop, livestock, and forest production.

Team Membership

  • Ernest Hovingh, Co-Chair
  • Seogchan Kang, Co-Chair
  • Avery August, Member
  • Ottar Bjornstad, Member
  • David Filson, Member
  • Chuck Gill, Member
  • Nan Hanshaw, Member
  • Joel Hersh, Member
  • Mike Hulet, Member
  • Scott Isard, Member
  • Dave Johnson, Member
  • Mary Kennett, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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