Team # 837 -- New Hire and Orientation Process Team
College of Arts and Architecture

December 2008


To review all processes currently used when a new employee is hired and then to develop a new employee checklist to be used by both HR and the academic departments. This is to ensure the new faculty/staff member is made aware of the services provided by the Information Technology Department, the Facilities Department, the Financial Office, and the Human Resource Office, including computer id login, office keys, HR forms, and parking. The team is also looking at ways to improve the new faculty orientation held every fall.
The team was formed because new faculty/staff members were not always aware of the entire hiring process and the different services provided by administrative departments in the college. The new employee checklist will ensure that all pertinent information has been reviewed with the employee. The team is also reviewing and looking at ways to streamline the hiring process.

Team Membership

  • Dawn Datt, Member
  • Dan Heckman, Member
  • Michelle Stine, Member
  • Jenny Watson, Member
  • David Will, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Completion of new employee checklist Orientation survey New employee survey




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