Team # 840 -- Entrance to Major Re-engineering
Undergraduate Education

August 2008


To develop requirements and explore options for enhancing the entrance to major process.

Team Membership

  • Karen Schultz, Sponsor
  • Debbie Diercks, Leader
  • Greg Bishop, Member
  • Margo Boman, Member
  • Dawn Boyer, Member
  • Sara Conkling, Member
  • Barbara Crain, Member
  • Iris Flynn, Member
  • Michael Gilpatrick, Member
  • Anne Kepler, Member
  • Marie Lindhorst, Member
  • Jean Landa Pytel, Member
  • Kathi Reynolds, Member
  • Robin Robinson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • July 19, 2010

    The Entrance to Major Re-Engineering Team has sent in their recommendations for a new system for the Entrance to Major process and that team has been disbanded. A new team will be formed to look at a design for a new system based on the recommendations of the previous team. The new team should start looking at a design for the system the beginning of this fall.

    Debbie Diercks

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