Team # 844 -- OPP - Beaver Stadium Game Day
Finance and Business

July 2008


To re-envision Physical Plant's organizational structure and participation in game day operations at Beaver Stadium. Develop a new organizational structure and staffing, new processes, new standards, expectations, and methods for tracking activities and using equipment history to proactively manage stadium operations and enhance the entire game day experience for fans, including security and safety as it relates to OPP activities.

Team Membership

  • Mark Bodenschatz, Co-Sponsor
  • Steve Maruszewski, Co-Sponsor
  • Phillip Melnick, Co-Sponsor
  • Al Matyasovsky, Leader
  • Doug Donovan, Facilitator
  • Marvin Bevan, Member
  • Rick Bupp, Member
  • Jeff Dice, Member
  • Jerry Fulare, Member
  • Kevin Hahn, Member
  • Terry Hansel, Member
  • Bob Hudzik, Member
  • Wade Michael, Member
  • Ron Nagle, Member
  • Paul Politza, Member
  • Bobby White, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • 8/4/10

    Our Beaver Stadium PAT had met to develop a coverage process for football game day operations predicated upon my leaving the football operations booth after 25 years.

    The PAT solved this need and had begun a dialog about the possible need for a 12 month, full time position for events involving the football stadium. These discussions continue to this day.

    We met our objective in that we successfully solved the football game day need for coverage and had identified other needs in the process.

    Al Matyasovsky




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