Team # 848 -- OPP - Employment Process
Finance and Business

July 2008


To streamline the employment process and reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a position vacancy. There are delays at some stages of the employment process that result in positions being vacant for extended periods of time.

Team Membership

  • Terri Parker, Sponsor
  • Susan Rutan, Leader
  • Lisa Irvin, Member
  • Ken Korbich, Member
  • Ron Nagle, Member
  • Susan Oswalt, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • 8/11/10

    This is an update on the OPP - Employment Process team.

    Results achieved to date:

    1. Reduced the number of requisition requiring central review - decreased waiting time on many position approvals
    by 8-10 days.
    2. Updated requisition document to trigger lateral check - reduced the need to repost positions.
    3. Increased awareness of posting deadlines - decreased waiting time to get positions posted.

    Outstanding action:
    Change lateral transfer process to reduce associated administrative burden.

    Susan M. Rutan
    Manager, Human Resources
    Office of Physical Plant
    phone: 814-863-0671
    fax: 814-863-5763




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