Team # 857 -- Contract Management System (CMS) Team

March 2007


To improve efficiency for EOC contracts and Program Management.
Brief Description of Process:
EOC Federal contracts and programs require detailed reporting, tracking and management that is not tracked in SIMS or IBIS. The CMS is a EOC developed database that tracks, monitors, manages and reports all contract activities, including Prime Contracts, Subcontracts, Government Property Transfers, and Proposals, along with various adminstrative responsibilities. The issue that prompted the CMS system was a notification from the Office of Naval Research Administrative Contracting Officer requesting status on deliquent closeout documents of PSU Federal Prime Contracts. EOC was unable to identify one system with PSU to track these efforts. Tracking was achieved throughout the various PSU Federal units on multiple excel spreadsheets. EOC has been very successful in quickly and efficiently identifing the issues on the deliquent reporting documents and have resolved the majority of the outstanding reports. Example, in 2006 15 Federal Prime Contracts had deliquent closeout reports over 180 days. CMS was developed in 2007. As of October 2008, only 4 Federal Prime Contracts remain deliquent. The ultimate objective is to have 0 deliquent reports on the ONR ADMN Web reporting system.

Notes: In addition to the database, Ms. Fellabaum also prepared a CMS User Manual and conducted training classes for the entire Contracts Team. The database is password secured, continually backed up and IT can assist if necessary on database design.

Team Membership

  • Anissa Fellabaum, Leader
  • David Corry, Member
  • Donna McIntyre, Member
  • Theresa Pietrowski, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The original results EOC hoped to achieve were to satisfy the requirements of our prime customer, Office of Naval Research in order to continue a credible relationship for ongoing work. The project has now evolved into a total comprehensive, yet still supplemental (to SIMS and IBIS) system for the EOC to track, monitor, and administer all aspects of contract management to ensure efficiently and timely completion of contract reports and deliverables, as well as subcontract reports, performance, costs and deliverables. The system also supplements other units of the EOC, i.e., Property Adminstration, Program Management and Program Development.




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