Team # 858 -- Academic Services Strategic Planning Committee
Penn State Berks

September 2008


To develop a strategic plan that would improve internal operations and, at the same time, meet the growing needs and expectations of students. Academic Services is often the first point of contact for students and taking the 2008-2013 strategic planning initiatives to heart, the team convened several times to create a plan for each academic service area. The Academic Services team underwent several strategic planning sessions, developed plans, and corresponding assessments.

Team Membership

  • Mary Lou D'Allegro, Facilitator
  • Susan Anderson, Member
  • Anna Marie Donahue, Member
  • Tish Jepsen, Member
  • Danielle Richards, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Each academic area has engaged in at least one assessment of services provided. Because of the planning sessions, the academic services areas have been able to articulate at least one goal to focus improvement initiatives. Most importantly, the academic services areas have been a model to other department planning efforts on campus.




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