Team # 864 -- Admissions Event System
Undergraduate Education

April 2008


To create an event system that pulls together all student activities through the recruitment and application process. The integration of our systems facilitates a more effective overall experience for students and their families. Previously, a student would have to search the various Admissions, Campus, and College websites to find the event that was right for them. None of these registration systems communicated with each other, and students were not easily made aware of the “perfect” program for them. Once this system is complete, a student will be able go to one place to register for any Penn State event. Reports built into the system will allow us to easily track where and when a student has met with us, and evaluations may be shared between units for crossover events that involve multiple entities.

Team Membership

  • Gary Abdullah, Member
  • Garrick Bodine, Member
  • Melissa Doberstein, Member
  • Lisa Homan, Member
  • David Kuskowski, Member
  • Scott Lingle, Member
  • Jenni Mahute, Member
  • Tony Moore, Member
  • Eric Reinhard, Member
  • Cathy Schwab, Member
  • Jennifer Snare, Member
  • Catherine Steffan, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Currently we are using the system only for events at University Park, but ultimately it will be used at all Campuses and by all Colleges, as well as for events across the country. The students will now “own” their interactions with Penn State, and we will decrease redundancies while increasing efficiency. A student will be able to log into MyPennState and see what visits they have coming up, no matter the host.

    We are progressing prudently by rolling this system out in steps – first University Park Admissions, then Colleges, and finally the Campuses. This has allowed us to locate “bugs” in the system and fix them fairly easily. Training has begun for Colleges, and an all-Campus training session will occur late this Summer.




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