Team # 865 -- Student Success Committee
Penn State Mont Alto

August 2008


To develop strategies to improve retention rates; improve the six-year graduation rates; develop a plan to assess the campus effectiveness toward achieving the Statement of Student Learning Outcome; review all student and academic support functions to determine effectiveness; and make recommendations as appropriate. To achieve these goals, the 2008-13 campus strategic plan established the Student Success Committee which also helps develop activities that encourage student engagement, and bring curricular and co-curricular activities together.

Penn State Mont Alto is concerned that its six-year student graduation rate is lower than the average for other University College locations. A related concern is that the first-year to second-year retention rates for African American, Hispanic and commuter students were lower than the rate for white students or residential students. In addition, during the 2007-08 academic year the campus finalized a statement of student learning outcomes.

Team Membership

  • Francis Achampong, Member
  • Somjit Barat, Member
  • Carranda Barkdoll, Member
  • Jean Barlup, Member
  • Andrea Christopher, Member
  • Mike Doncheski, Member
  • David Gnage, Member
  • Kira Hamman, Member
  • Mike Harp, Member
  • Lauraine Hawkins, Member
  • Marla Minnich, Member
  • Lois Orndorff, Member
  • Tim Radio, Member
  • Tom Reinsfelder, Member
  • Kendra Wolgast, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: One of the first tasks the committee completed was the development of the Penn State Mont Alto First-year Engagement Plan. This fall, the committee was given a $30,000 budget to be awarded to faculty and staff who submit acceptable plans to improve student success and/or enhance student engagement. To date the committee has funded one project and asked for additional information on two additional proposals.
    The committee is now in the early stages of developing the assessment plan for the Statement of Student Learning Outcomes.




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