Team # 900 -- Neuroscience Process Optimization
College of Medicine

November 2006


To establish a system to manage medical imaging studies used by the Department of Neurosurgery from outside institutions. Patients present to the Department of Neurosurgery clinic with CD's containing medical imaging studies performed at an outside institution. These studies are very time consuming to load at a POS computer while the patient is in the exam room and slow to process.

Team Membership

  • Mark Iantosca, Clinical
  • Thomas Clardy, Director

Results Achieved to Date

  • The team established criteria and reviewed proprietary, open source, and freeware products. It selected a system that is a compilation of free and open source software. Since its implementation we have saved over 1 million dollars over purchasing an off-the-shelf system. We have achieved incredibly high user satisfaction scores, and published and presented our work at specialty meetings around the country. Thousands of skilled doctor’s hours have been saved, patient care and patient satisfaction have improved and medical errors have been prevented.




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