Team # 902 -- Classroom Scheduling Policies and Procedures
Undergraduate Education

January 2009


To examine the policies and procedures surrounding classroom scheduling across the university to optimize student schedules, the appropriate use of classrooms, and space utilization. The team is putting the finishing touches on a report and set of recommendations.

Team Membership

  • Karen Duncan, Leader
  • David Bender, Member
  • Connie Boob, Member
  • Julie Evak, Member
  • Susan Hunter, Member
  • Staci Kelly, Member
  • David Lingenfelter, Member
  • Bob Myrick, Member
  • William Welsh, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The team collected information from a variety of constituents through a series of interviews. The report outlines a number of areas that need further study and consideration.
  • The team completed the report that was in process in 2009. It has been used by the administration to inform decisions relate to course scheduling. While I am not aware of measurable outcomes that were the direct result of this report, I believe we will see the development of improved policies and procedures that help students more easily schedule courses and maximize space utilization.

    There is a newly convened committee led by Yvonne Gaudelius and Karen Schultz which is looking closely at the University policies and procedures surrounding course scheduling. The creation of this committee is directly tied to the recommendations of the team I led.

    Karen Duncan
    September 26, 2011




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