Team # 903 -- Schreyer Honors Theses Service
University Libraries

July 2009


To develop an electronic submission and publication service to provide more effective management, processing, and publication of Schreyer Honors College theses. The University Libraries provides a similar service to the Graduate School and for both theses and dissertations. Improving access to the Honors College materials helps both the College and the Libraries to achieve their mission to promote and support undergraduate scholarship.

Team Membership

  • Mike Furlough, Co-Sponsor
  • Mairead Martin, Co-Sponsor
  • Linda Friend, Chair
  • Becky Albitz, Member
  • John Attig, Member
  • Kurt Baker, Member
  • Joni Barnoff, Member
  • Roberta Hardin, Member
  • Andrea Harrington, Member
  • Sue Kellerman, Member
  • Pauletta Leathers, Member
  • Bonnie Osif, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The project defined a process and created an online submission service for students enrolled in the Schreyer Honors College to submit their theses for approval. The Schreyer Honors College reviews and approves the submissions; afterwards, the Libraries catalogs them and publishes them online. The online service was made available to a small number of students in November, and will be required for all Schreyer Scholars in spring 2010.




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