Team # 904 -- Media Technology and Support Services Videos CQI Team
University Libraries

April 2008


To facilitate the addition of films, videos, and DVDs owned by Media Technology and Support Services to the University Libraries’ catalog, making it easier for users to borrow materials from the extensive collection.

Team Membership

  • Bill Bishop, Co-Sponsor
  • Sally Kalin, Co-Sponsor
  • Ann Snowman, Co-Sponsor
  • Barbara Coopey, Chair
  • Margo Chiston, Member
  • Wertney Cox, Member
  • Tracy Deitrich, Member
  • Stephanie Gates, Member
  • Amanda Maple, Member
  • Trish Notartomas, Member
  • Nancy Schneider, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: As of January 2009, more than 23,000 films, videos, and DVDs were loaded into the catalog, and users are now able to see the availability of these titles, as well as due dates for titles in use. In addition, users can request titles using “I Want It” and see a list of titles they have borrowed in “My Library Account”. As of October 2009, the entire 16mm collection was also loaded into the catalog. The team continues to work on some adjustments to the process, such as how to move materials between campuses in a timely manner.




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