Team # 908 -- Civility Team
University Libraries

January 2009


To employ a total quality management approach to improve the climate in the University Libraries by addressing and retooling skill sets of employees to deal with civility, rankism and classism issues. The ultimate goal is to build a culture of respect and to value everyone’s unique contribution to the University Libraries.

Team Membership

  • Nancy Eaton, Co-Sponsor
  • Mike Furlough, Co-Sponsor
  • Lisa German, Co-Sponsor
  • Sally Kalin, Co-Sponsor
  • Jack Sulzer, Co-Sponsor
  • Linda Klimczyk, Co-Chair
  • Jacqueline Peagler, Co-Chair
  • Jackie Esposito, Member
  • Lindsey Harter, Member
  • Joyce Harwell, Member
  • Ralph Homan, Member
  • Alexia Hudson, Member
  • Jeff Knapp, Member
  • Kate Lewis, Member
  • Rachel Masilamani, Member
  • Shenetta Selden, Member
  • Loanne Snavely, Member
  • Billie Walker, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The team has sponsored several Civility@OurLibraries discussion groups, a presentation of “The PITA Principle” by Dulin Clark and Robert Orndorff, and an HRDC course “Assertive Communication: A Solution-Based Approach”. Additional events are planned for the spring 2010 semester with a final assessment delivered in June 2010.




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