Team # 911 -- Student Transitions Steering Committee
Undergraduate Education

January 2010


To develop programs to realize effective student transitions and examine current policies and procedures which may have a negative impact on student transitions and success. This team was formed in response to the current Penn State strategic plan and the emphasis placed therein on student success and student transitions. This committee will have broad oversight for the transitions that students experience while at Penn State.

Team Membership

  • Rob Pangborn, Co-Sponsor
  • John Romano, Co-Sponsor
  • Damon Sims, Co-Sponsor
  • Andrea Dowhower, Co-Chair
  • Yvonne Gaudelius, Co-Chair
  • Christina Boggs, Member
  • Karen Duncan, Member
  • Marcos Fernandez, Member
  • Kathie Flanagan-Herstek, Member
  • Amy Freeman, Member
  • Gail Gilchrest, Member
  • Marianne Guidos, Member
  • Pamela Hufnagel, Member
  • Stan Latta, Member
  • Marie Lindhorst, Member
  • Mohamed Raouda, Member
  • Kevin Snider, Member
  • Kenneth Thigpen, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Our team hopes to achieve smoother key transitions for students including, but not limited to, the transitions experience by new students, by change of campus students, by transfer students, and by graduating students. In addition to more traditional metrics such as retention and graduation data, we will measure our success through an analysis of information obtained through focus groups, surveys, etc.




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