Team # 920 -- Change Management Software Evaluation
Information Technology Services (ITS)

June 2009


To examine how ITS units document changes to software, services, processes, and systems, based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. This is part of the strategic goal of the Information Technology Services (ITS) IT Architects in Academia (ITANA) group to integrate new software, hardware, and services with existing and future IT architecture. As part of this project, the team was asked to examine the breadth of change management software and to produce a white paper with key points about offerings in the area of change management software, reviews of existing software and practices, and recommendations on next steps. Considerations during this review include compliance/auditing requirements, existing ITS Service Desk offerings, existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure and interfaces, need for Web Services API, non-Web interfaces/APIs, interoperability with future offerings (e.g. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages), and a series of Best Practices that could guide IT Auditors and Analysts when making recommendations to other Penn State IT units. This evaluation is complimentary to efforts across ITS to improve IT operational efficiencies related to incident management, configuration management, service level management, and project management.

Team Membership

  • James Leous, Team Charge
  • Andrea Harrington, Leader
  • Michael Belinc, Member
  • John Carnicella, Member
  • Gary Grgurich, Member
  • Karen Hackett, Member
  • Randy Hegarty, Member
  • John Kalbach, Member
  • Jerry Krawczyk, Member
  • Chris Sacksteder, Member
  • Bill Welch, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Review industry standards (Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and IT auditing standards from the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) and The Institute of Internal Auditors Global Technology Audit Guides (GTAG)),

    Examine how ITS units document changes to software, services, processes, and systems,

    Review the ITIL framework change management process and adapt roles, steps, and terminology to meet the needs across multiple units,

    Develop functional requirements for a software solution to meet the needs across multiple units,

    Develop use cases to help with requirements and preparation for vendor demonstrations,

    Educate ITS through vendor demonstrations about the industry and capabilities of some products in the marketplace,

    Document a series of Best Practices for IT change management and auditing, and

    Produce a white paper outlining the work of the team and recommendations.


    Tracking and assessing time from project charge to final deliverable

    Effectiveness of communications and team online working area

    Deliverables including change management process (based on ITIL framework), assessment of current unit tracked changes, assessment of current unit software, functional requirements for a software solution to meet needs of multiple units, matrix of potential vendors and software for review and demonstrations, IT change management Best Practices document, white paper with evaluation and recommendations




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