Team # 923 -- Penn State Children's Hospital Quality and Safety Team
College of Medicine

June 2007


To decrease painful procedures; prevent serious injury secondary to intravenous fluid extravasation; eliminate weighing errors within the children's hospital; decrease central bloodstream infection rates; and increase rates of influenza vaccination in hospitalized children. The Children's Hospital Q&S team is responsible for quality and safety evaluation and improvement throughout the Children's Hospital. We have broad representation within our committee and have undertaken a variety of quality improvement projects including those mentioned above.

All of these projects are the result of our evaluation of ongoing processes within the CH using our institution's Occurrence reporting software. The committee evaluates occurrences on a regular basis to assess and improve safety and quality within the Children's Hospital.

Team Membership

  • Michele Smith, Co-Leader
  • Jill Arnold, Member
  • Mary Ann Bresnock, Member
  • Michael Dettorre, Member
  • James Distefano, Member
  • Rebecca Griffin, Member
  • Joe Hess, Member
  • Kelly Kreider, Member
  • Mitchell Kresch, Member
  • Daniel Rifkin, Member
  • Shailja Singh, Member
  • Sheila Smith, Member
  • Akane Tanaka, Member
  • David Ungar, Member
  • Matthew Wain, Member
  • Cheri West, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Improving the assessment process to evaluation intravenous lines (adopted by the entire hospital). Development of protocols to prevent and treat intravenous line extravisations. Removal or alteration of scales to allow only kg weights to be recorded (and prevent weights in pounds from appearing in our medical record). Development of a Children's Hospital Pain Bill of Rights. Creation of a separate Pediatric Peripheral Line insertion team to increase expertise and decrease the delays in line placement. Decreases in the rate of Central Line blood stream infections. Increase the rate of Influenza vaccination to >75% of appropriate hospitalized patients.




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