Team # 930 -- Penn State Hospitality Services Green Team
Finance and Business

April 2009


To strive to be a leader in promoting the sustainable use of Earth's resources. Practicing and demonstrating environmentally sound business practices can and should become an intrinsic part of PSHS's organizational culture that is apparent to our employees, guests, and surrounding communities. The Green Team — a PSHS staff committee — wants to reduce PSHS's consumption of energy, natural resources, and manufactured materials, and its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, other air and water pollution, and landfills.

Team Membership

  • Matt Tomrell, Chair
  • Kathy Allen, Member
  • Sandy Beck, Member
  • Emily Bowen, Member
  • Christina Huston, Member
  • Judy Karaky, Member
  • Kirk Lake, Member
  • Debbie Moller, Member
  • Herbert Moller, Member
  • Debbie Reynolds, Member
  • Tom Schilling, Member
  • Kristal Scott, Member
  • Kelsey Squire, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:
    1. replace incandescent lightbulbs with CFL's - completed
    2. implement a towel and linen reuse program - completed
    3. install 2.5 gallons per minute showerheads in all guestrooms - 1/2 completed
    4. install 1.6 gallon toilets in all guestrooms - 1/2 completed
    5. implement a recycling program, including public space - completed
    6. implement a recycling program for hazardous materials found in CFL's, batteries, and lighting ballasts - completed
    7. purchase energy star labeled appliances and equipment - completed
    8. all office paper products should be 30% or more post consumer recycled content - completed
    9. eliminate use of stryofoam cups and to-go containers - completed
    10. implement speciality recycling program for materials not collected from Centre County Solid Waste Authority i.e. scrap metal, sterno tins, plastic wrap - completed




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