Team # 935 -- E-Learning Advisory Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

January 2010


1) To identify and encourage appropriate program areas for development as online offerings; 2) design and implement the process for program selection for new program development; 3) facilitate professional development opportunities for faculty and extension educators to promote the college's eLearning capacity; and 4) work with educators/programs/administration to identify new ways to interact with resident, distance and extension students through technology and alternative scheduling including multi-institutional collaborations such as Ag Idea and eExtension.

Team Membership

  • Ann Dodd, Sponsor
  • Diane Mc Laughlin, Leader
  • Ken Balliet, Member
  • Deanna Behring, Member
  • Suzanne Bienert, Member
  • Sherry Crum, Member
  • Nancy Dreschel, Member
  • Gretchen Kuldau, Member
  • Claudia Mincemoyer, Member
  • David Sylvia, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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