Team # 938 -- Eberly College of Science Dean's Climate and Diversity Awards Subcommittee
Eberly College of Science

October 2008


To develop and implement the Dean's Climate & Diversity Awards. These awards are meant to recognize individuals and programs that have evidenced extraordinary commitment to enhancing our environment of mutual respect for differing backgrounds and points of view. They highlight undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members, staff members, and programs within the college that are supportive and welcoming of everyone in the Eberly College of Science community, and allow us to share the success stories and celebrate the leadership and vision of these College community members and programs and continue to nurture a respectful environment within the college.

Team Membership

  • Erin Eckley, Member
  • Durga Ghosh, Member
  • Nicole Hurlbutt, Member
  • Hank McCoullum, Member
  • Ron Redwing, Member
  • Ming Tien, Member
  • Mary Beth Williams, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: There were 6 recipients of the Dean's Climate and Diversity Awards for 2009. The college held a reception in January, 2010 to honor the recipients. The response, measured by the number of nominations, exceeded the committee's expectations.




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