Team # 939 -- Eberly College of Science Climate and Diversity Committee - Code of Mutual Respect Subcommittee
Eberly College of Science

October 2008


To develop and implement a Code of Mutual Respect and Cooperation. This Code serves as a guide for our expected behavior as members of the College, helps us foster the kind of environment needed to support everyone's success, and makes the College an even better place.

Team Membership

  • Jackie Bortiatynski, Member
  • Jim Hager, Member
  • Amanda Jones, Member
  • Jia Li, Member
  • Melissa McCloskey, Member
  • Mercedes Richards, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The Code was adopted by the College and has been added to the information received by new staff and faculty hires, students, and current staff and faculty members. The next step will be to assess the impact of the Code.




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