Team # 941 -- Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Advisory Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

October 2009


To provide direction and leadership in support of the College of Agricultural Sciences' student learning outcomes assessment practices for resident and extension education.

Team Membership

  • Bruce McPheron, Sponsor
  • Ann Dodd, Leader
  • Erica Bobbitt, Member
  • Stephanie Doores, Member
  • James Howell, Member
  • Glenn Johnson, Member
  • Marc McDill, Member
  • Rama Radhakrishna, Member
  • Dan Stearns, Member
  • Al Turgeon, Member
  • Suzanne Weinstein, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:
    Measure 1: Percent of programs with published program goals.
    Measure 2: Percent of programs with formal assessment plans that have been implemented.




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