Team # 943 -- University Libraries Competencies Design Team
University Libraries

October 2007


To review the Libraries' competency structure and providing oversight for the development of job profiles for the transition to the Competencies program. Members of the team will be assigned to working groups that will be charged with developing the job profiles for a specific job category.

Team Membership

  • Nancy Eaton, Co-Sponsor
  • Mike Furlough, Co-Sponsor
  • Lisa German, Co-Sponsor
  • Rob Harris, Co-facilitator
  • Pam Hough, Co-Sponsor
  • Sally Kalin, Co-Sponsor
  • Cathy O'Connell, Co-facilitator
  • Kim Patishnock, Co-Sponsor
  • Jack Sulzer, Co-Sponsor
  • Bob Alan, Member
  • Debora Cheney, Member
  • Esther Dell, Member
  • Ron Harman, Member
  • Joyce Harwell, Member
  • Judy Hewes, Member
  • Linda Klimczyk, Member
  • Barb Lessig, Member
  • Gail Partin, Member
  • Carolee Roman, Member
  • Heather Ross, Member
  • Loanne Snavely, Member
  • Ann Snowman, Member
  • Sandy Stelts, Member
  • Sara Whildin, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The team recently completed draft job profiles to move all Spec Libraries Job Family jobs into the Competencies program.
  • I'm responding to your request to Lisa German for an update on the Libraries' Competencies Design Team. The team completed its work in January 2010 when job profiles and level descriptions were finished for all Libraries' staff positions. Over the next eight months, 203 Libraries' positions were mapped over from the Spec system to the new Competency Profiles. The conversion was completed in November 2010 with no disruption.

    Rob Harris




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