Team # 975 -- Subject Specialist/Liaison Librarian Task Force
University Libraries

November 2009


To develop a standardized set of core competencies for subject specialists/liaison librarians for the Department of Reference, Collections, and Research.

The task force will research standards, guidelines, and other relevant documents from national professional associations and peer institutions. From these, the task force will develop a new model and unique set of competencies for librarians in the University Park subject libraries whose primary duties are as subject specialists and liaisons to academic units. The team should solicit input from subject specialists at University Park as it conducts the action items below.

Team Membership

  • Gary White, Sponsor
  • Daniel Mack, Chair
  • Nan Butkovich, Member
  • Dawn Childress, Member
  • Daniel Hickey, Member
  • Janet Hughes, Member
  • John Meier, Member
  • Karla Schmit, Member
  • Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Member
  • Robert Tolliver, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    The goal we hoped to achieve was the creation of a set of behavioral performance guidelines for subject specialists/liaison librarians in the Department of Reference, Collections and Research (RCR). We measured performance and progress by researching professional performance standards and consulting with relevant Libraries units and administrators as we developed the guidelines. We achieved our goal by actually developing these guidelines. The goal of the second iteration of the task force was to facilitate initial incorporation of the guidelines into RCR librarian work plans. We also achieved this goal. The third iteration of the task force is charged with developing assessment and evaluation tools for librarians to use in measuring progress in achieving the standards set forth in the guidelines. We will measure progress by regular consultation with the Head of the Department of Reference, Collections and Research and by seeking feedback from librarians in the department as we develop these tools.




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