Team # 976 -- University Libraries Services Training Task Force
University Libraries

January 2010


To put together a curriculum that outlines what every service point employee should know regarding job knowledge, job skills, and professional customer service behaviors. Sub-committees have been appointed to address each one of these areas in depth, in particular the training objectives, content, mode of delivery, and responsibility.

Team Membership

  • Sally Kalin, Sponsor
  • Steven Herb, Chair
  • Anne Behler, Member
  • Denise Conklin, Member
  • Jeanette Eisenhart, Member
  • Bryan Grove, Member
  • Sandy Hoffmaster, Member
  • Ryan Johnson, Member
  • Andrew Marshall, Member
  • Cheryl McCallips, Member
  • Linda Struble, Member
  • Ann Thompson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    We plan to implement a curriculum that places every new and current employee on the same playing field, but allows us to create a tiered system that provides ever more detailed training for those who require that training. The University Libraries has never had a training program in place that cuts across units. This large undertaking should allow us to provide more consistent, higher quality service to our users and to allow us to identify problem areas.




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