Team # 979 -- Task Force for Improvement
Development and Alumni Relations

January 2010


To discuss and address issues identified in the most recent division-wide climate survey. Volunteers to serve on the committee were accepted from exempt and non-exempt positions division-wide for 1 of 6 committees: Rewards & Recognition; Teamwork; Communications; Recruiting & Training; Employee Relations; and Collaboration.

There are in excess of 60 individuals division-wide serving on these committees.

Team Membership

  • Amy Caputo, Co-Chair, Communications
  • Lyn Culver, Chair, Recruitment/Training
  • Shaun Keister, Co-Chair, Collaboration
  • Deborah Marron, Co-Chair, Collaboration
  • Ray Marsh, Co-Chair, Communications
  • Kris Meyer, Chair, Teamwork
  • Jean Songer, Co-Chair, Rewards/Recognition
  • Lauren Steinberg, Co-Chair, Rewards/Recognition
  • Kathy Stocker, Co-Chair, Employee Relations
  • Lisa Temple, Co-Chair, Employee Relations

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    To date the project has achieved the following: Implemented training program for supervisors; 360 performance profile for all directors/AVPs in the division; and revised our new employee orientation/onboarding process. We are developing a Development 101 training program and working on other educational programs as well as retention of employees. Measures of performance will be based on the implementation and success of programs designed to address the issues raised in the climate study as well as the results of future climate studies. The group continues to work on additional goals/program development.




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